DIGRESSION I: Pas de Joie de Neuromancer

We’re trying something new here in the pages of Upper Middle Brow: every now and then we’ll publish a Digression, a quick side-episode about our current book…or one we’ve put aside a while ago. Our friend Lindsay Lajoie (@lajoie_de_literature) saw that we were considering Neuromancer on the podcast, and admitted on her Instagram that it’s one of the very few books she attempted and could get through. Lindsay joins us for a mini-sode, and we pick apart her reaction, and try to convince her it’s worth another go.

As a side note, the background image on our post was created using generative AI, NOT because we think that’s a great resource for art, but because artificial intelligence is the topic and subject of this novel. We thank the PEOPLE at Imagine AI for creating what they’ve created, but we are committed as a podcast to using art and design that was assembled by carbon-based organisms.

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