Episode 4: Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, Part Two, or “Coach Class on the White Boat”

After a little sweets and acids cooking talk, (and a blender-off) Bagg and Dukes dive into the second half of Highsmith’s “mystery in reverse.” They discuss whether it should have been harder for Tom to get away with murder (spoiler!), whether the book is simply “The Ambassadors” with a bit of criminality added, and how Tom’s rationalizations can feel all too realistic. Our pilot listeners say this episode is Il Meglio yet. 

To skip the ramble and get to the book, go to 6:00 or so. 

Upper Middle Brow was created and is produced by Jesse Dukes and Chris Bagg. Thanks to our pilot listeners, including Justin Reich, Katherine Nagasawa, Robert Loerzel, Adam Brock, Jenny Greeve and Josh Liberless. Music by Ben Pagac and Jesse Dukes. 

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